Diffusion By Misting

Fog diffusers are much simpler to operate than nebulizers. 

The installation is simple: at the bottom of the diffuser is a small ultrasound pellet, which emits vibrations at very high frequency; above this pellet, the user of the diffuser pours cold water into the receptacle provided for this purpose; the user pours the essential oil to be diffused over the water. On contact with the vibrating tablet, the water will emit a cold water mist (it is not steam), a mist that carries away the essential oil particles on the surface! Simple and effective.

You will be able to choose these models of diffusers if:

Fog diffusers are recommended for people looking for a versatile object that humidifies, perfumes and decorates.   

 Depending on their capacity, they are suitable for rooms ranging from 10 to 80 m² and can be positioned anywhere in the house.

 This type of diffuser is particularly appreciated in bedrooms (including children’s rooms) thanks to its silent technology and the night light function found on most models.                 

You want to efficiently diffuse essential oils without having a powerful device.                     
You absolutely want to “see” the diffusion: the mist that emerges is very visual, almost hypnotising! 


Advantages of a Mist Diffuser:                            

Diffuses in addition to essential oils steam.   
Not very noisy.                                                                               

Allows diffusion for large rooms (up to 80 m² for some models). 

Easy maintenance.                                                       

Aesthetic models, making them real decorative objects. Moreover, the mist that emanates from them creates a beautiful visual effect.                                                                   

All essential oils can be used in this type of appliance.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     



  Examples : Simpeak


Disadvantages of a Mist Diffuser:

Slower diffusion than a nebulized model.                                                                                           

Often designed with less noble materials than nebulization devices.

This makes it possible to lower their selling price!                                                                                                                                   

You don’t easily control the quantity of essential oil diffused (these being added to water).           

Essential oils are generally diffused quickly (in less than 10 minutes). It will therefore be necessary to add essential oils regularly if you want the atmosphere to last.                                                 

These diffusers diffuse, in addition to essential oils, water. This can be an advantage if the ambient air is very dry but a disadvantage if your house is already humid. But if you are looking for a humidifier that can occasionally diffuse essential oils, this device will suit you perfectly.                           

Purists will say that one cannot perfectly do essential oil diffusion and humidification with a single device (this type of diffuser is nevertheless a good compromise, even if it is a little less efficient than nebulizers (micro-diffusers) for the aromatherapy part).