Diffusion By Ventilation


Ventilation diffusers work most of the time thanks to two main elements: a fan and a disposable pad.

It must be soaked with the desired essential oils, and by turning on the unit, the fan will immediately spread them in the room.

They often have an additional filter to provide the purest possible air.

A new, even simpler system has appeared, but it is still rare.

It is operated solely by a fan, which propels the oils into the air.

Ventilation diffusers work cold.

This is an important aspect, since by diffusing without heating the essential oils, they keep all their properties and health benefits.

Vented diffusers can be supplied in a variety of ways, unlike other types of diffusers that operate on a sector basis only.

Many manufacturers offer devices that can be connected to the mains and/or via USB cable and/or into which batteries can be inserted.

They are therefore mostly portable diffusers that can be taken anywhere without worrying about the power cord.

These devices are sometimes equipped with options that make them a little more elaborate.

For example, the fan power can be changed, for a more or less rapid and dispersed diffusion.

Other models also allow you to customize the broadcast cycles and program the on/off of the broadcast.

Aesthetically speaking, some diffusers have integrated lighting, with LEDs emitting a fixed light or successive colours.

You may choose these models of diffusers if
 You want a small, portable diffuser to go everywhere with you.
You’re looking to do small, simple and uncomplicated broadcasting
You can’t afford to buy a dry ultrasonic drive diffuser. 

Example: Nerolian

Advantages of a Ventilation Diffuser:

Very simple: No glassware to maintain and a basic technology
 No heat, so the oils are not denatured,
 Very discreet. Not as much as those with soft heat, but the noise emitted by the ventilation is almost inaudible.

Disadvantages of a Ventilation Diffuser:

Due to their power, the volumes covered remain low. Nevertheless, they are still perfect if you want to use them in small spaces such as a car or an office.
Requires changing the blotting pad from time to time. So it’s a consumable. But rest assured, you won’t have to change it every 4 mornings either!
 Some “slightly heavy” essential oils are poorly diffused (the larger molecules remain on the buffer).

Cleaning and Maintenance of the Device

A diffuser of this type requires little maintenance.

However, it is important to regularly change the filter on which the oils are deposited. Depending on the model, the pace of change is not the same.

Trust the manufacturer’s instructions as well as your own perception: when you notice that its absorbency has become almost nil, don’t hesitate to insert a new blotter.

To avoid damaging the appliance, clean it dry and use pure essential oils, which have the advantage of having greater benefits than oil blends.